Today’s theme is “Fly”. This is the plane I took on the way back from the DR. I am always amazed at the lack of security at Caribbean airports. Look at this – anybody could walk up to the pilot (standing around), there is access to the baggage, people are near the plane. If you got this close to a plane here, you’d be on the ground with a gun to your head. There was also a little band on the tarmac singing 🙂

Having done a lot of travel for work, I will say that JetBlue and Virgin America are hands down the best domestic airlines around.


9 thoughts on “Fly

  1. How true, and how relaxing! Our flights have become so full of stress that this is nice to see (but probably not the safest)!

  2. Jet Blue is an east coast thing, so I haven’t experienced it. I see this plane is Blue Velvet. Are other planes named appropriately, like Blue Bayou, Blue Boy or Blue Nile?

    • I never paid attention to the plane names (not to mention, I’m not usually walking around outside of the plane). JetBlue goes to plenty of places on the West Coast – Seattle, Portland, SanFran, LA, etc. They also keep adding int’l routes – I was surprised (and happy) to find that they fly direct to Punta Cana from JFK.

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