This little girl was such a character! Check out all of the coiled hair. Every one of them had those curls. It must have taken a lot of work. If you blow this up and look in the back left at the girl with the red hair – she’s not so happy. Maybe her curls are too tight.


17 thoughts on “Coiled

  1. The front and center girl is so proudly happy, neither redhead looks very happy. What a lot of work indeed to make those curls. Wonderful capture.

  2. What a cute pouty face on little red. Mom is trying to encourage her. They all look adorable with the spring hair style
    I had that hairstyle once, took hours to get it done.

  3. What a great image — I get to see a lot of Scottish Highland Dancers but not many of the Irish ones, they are so cute. I’m not sure I would have gone along with the wig when I was there age…..

  4. OMGosh….they are adorable! I love the green festive dresses w/ those dos! 🙂 All of them look like little Shirley Temples! 🙂

  5. Just LOVE the imnpish look on the little one in the front! (These days, the Irish dancers wear curly wigs. I’m not sure when that fashion came. it. Iknow they weren’t wearing them back in the 60, when I very, VERY briefly took Irish dance lessons.)

  6. I immediately saw Shirley Temple, too. Especially the one behind the ringleader. Is the redhead crying and her mother wiping the tears?

    Sharp image!

  7. I’m so envious of those curls…even if they ARE wigs! My hair is so fine textured it would never hold a curl. Maybe they look so unhappy because the wigs are too tight ! Great street shot with all those candid expressions.

  8. Very cute indeed. We always admired the Irish dancers’ hair. We thought it was amazing that they all had such long, curly and beautifully coloured hair. That is until we found out from a friend that most of them wear wigs or extensions.

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