Through a Window

As I go on my walks around the neighborhood, I often see cats sitting in the window watching the world go by. My cats do this too, but more often in the back window, because that’s where all of the birds and squirrels are (in the yard). Hello, kitty! I see you 🙂


20 thoughts on “Through a Window

  1. The kitty is framed so well by the window frame and its nice she has placed herself in one of the sides rather than the center. She must have some innate sense of the rule of thirds! I bet you could do a whole series of cats in windows.

    • I just took another funny shot on Sunday of a cat in a window. I always take photos of kitties that cross my path. I have a friend who did a whole “cats of Brooklyn” series

  2. I bet you are loving seeing a cat on the inside of someone else’s window rather than on the outside of yours! lol I love this composition – a framer for sure!

  3. You should do a whole series on window kitties! Bet you have access to some wonderfully unique windows and some cute kitties. I love the simplicity of this photo.

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