Good news – Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies delivers (but only on certain days and only in limited areas)….in a very cool truck

From the back:

They can’t mean ME, can they? I saw this on the ground on the way out of the lot. Oops. 


24 thoughts on “Vehicle

  1. Surely all this free advertising for Steve’s pies has to have some perks, do you think Melbourne, Australia will be on the ‘limited areas’ delivery list…

  2. Maybe I will get lucky and they will have their name on a search agent and see how much I’m promoting them! I think delivery is only in 2 areas in Brooklyn (including my town), so you might be waiting a long time.

  3. I would order a key lime pie delivered even if I didn’t like key lime pie just to have this truck come by. I really like that second shot in particular. The perspective seems to emphasize the bulbous shape of the panel truck. I also like how the color of the sky is duplicated in the bumper. Does it need straightening a bit though?

    • Yep, straightening would help. I was lazy today, but thanks for the input – that is what I am truly hoping for in comments…….I want to improve!

  4. I’ll put that number in my phone and see if I’m in the delivery zone when I have a hankering for some key lime pie. Did you toss something on the ground on your way out?

  5. Now Gisele have you not told us something??????? Are you telling the full story????/ come on now…….you didn’t knock that down now did you?

  6. That van has such cool blue details and love the font they’ve used for lettering. Just finished a piece of KeyLime Pie but it was only Marie Callender’s brand and I had to pick it up myself. Ironic piece of litter too.

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