Sky High

I see you, Mr. Squirrel, even though you are “sky high”. I have two sets of squirrels who run around my yard, up the wires, along the fence all day long. I don’t mind them except for the one year when one of them kept coming after my tomatoes. As soon as a tomato became ripe, it would be stolen, the juices sucked out, and a tomato carcass left in the yard. I was waiting patiently until I could catch one in the act. Finally, I did. One blast with my Super Soaker water gun put an end to his little adventures.


18 thoughts on “Sky High

  1. Nice urban wildlife shot, it look like he recognizes you from the water gun episode and is thinking about some sort of payback though.

    • I’m totally fine with letting him share my yard, but I am a serious urban tomato farmer (you’ll see plenty of pictures this summer) and once he messed with my ‘maters it was ON!

  2. We have a pair who have figured out some of our birdfeeders. I never thought of a super soaker. Great idea!!!

    He does look like a devious little devil, doesn’t he?

  3. I used to use a super soaker on the deer, with a water ammonia mix (never go for the eyes) but it the results were mixed. Perhaps due to the squirrel’s size you were more successful. But somehow I think he will be back when the tomatoes ripen.

  4. Our dog would sit at the bottom of the tree and bark all day at this fellow! He looks like he’s thinking “nah nah nah boo boo, can’t catch me” I’ll have to give my Dad the idea of a super soaker as they have a squirrel that likes to chew on their house! Cool photo!

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