This could have also been used for “Morning Routine”. Whenever Stella Mozzarella goes outside, she runs directly to her favorite part of the cement – it’s a bit sunken and collects lots of dirt. Then she rolls around in that spot over and over, getting as dirty as she can possibly get. For some reason, it gives her great pleasure. She’s clean again within a few minutes of coming back in the house. Silly monkey.


18 thoughts on “Pleasure

  1. looking at your pictures there comes a song to my mind, which I changed a little bit:
    There is so much magnificence in the morning, in the morning … Give my greetings to your cutie!

    • Ha. Stella isn’t into people food. Except popcorn. She likes popcorn, but I think it’s just that she thinks the texture is fun. Jackson likes to drink anything cold as long as it has no alcohol or bubbles. He’s especially fond of lemonade.

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