I loved these two chairs I noticed on my walk. The color, the retro feel of them….and especially the lock and chain!

18 thoughts on “Orange

  1. I love the color of these chairs. My cousin lived in the French Quarter in New Orleans and she has resorted to cement benches and chairs outside.

  2. There is a lot to love about these chairs and the way you shot them. I like the off-center composition and the way those intersecting lines on the sidewalk lead the eye back into the frame. Also the contrast between the rounded shapes of the chairs and the squared shapes of the bricks keeps me thinking.

    I have a tiny suggestion – it looks to me like the image needs a bit of sharpening….

    • Thanks, Julie. I was playing with this yesterday and had been toying with colors, sharpness, etc. At some point, I overdid it and threw out all of my changes. The bricks are a little wonky without clean edges to begin with, but I might try sharpening it again and see if that helps. Appreciate the feedback!

  3. The off center composition is perfect…so are those colors! I guess if someone takes them they have to take the pair lol

  4. I like the chairs, but am equally drawn to the patterns in the brick. The little vertical striping is a nice touch. You should track down the bricklayer who did this and give him a thumbs up! You would probably need Mr. Peabody’s Wayback Machine to do this, but that shouldn’t be too hard to find.

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