I went for a great walk earlier today and got a lot of photos. I walked past this hanging on a fence. I didn’t look inside to see if it was really tuna, but it does seem to have been left there for somebody to take. I guess I’ll never know the story…..but it’s lunchtime for somebody.


14 thoughts on “Lunchtime

  1. Good rule of thirds composition! So you didn’t even think about taking this home to Jackson or Stella Mozzarella? Afraid of what might have crawled out of the bag?

  2. I love how this makes you wonder who this was left for…not sure I’d want to eat it though! A unique composition…excellent!

  3. I’d think one would have to be pretty desperate to snag a tuna sandwich off a fence. But maybe someone regularly leaves lunch for someone else on the fence and just wanted to let him/her know was in store for today?

  4. Nice catch. I’m very grateful it’s not my lunch. I’m not a huge tuna fan, especially when it’s been sitting out for awhile.

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