I love this sign in the East Village. Apparently, Burger-Klein was a big furniture store. It’s gone now, but thankfully the sign remains. I added a dry brush filter on this. “Gracefully” is a deli.


15 thoughts on “Furniture

  1. Once again I really like the perspective. The diagonals of the building lead right into the strong vertical of the sign.

  2. I love the name of that deli, I can only imagine the food in there to be ‘gracefully decadent’. With all these ‘up’ angles you been posting lately I’m starting to worry that you’re walking around always looking up and not straight ahead! LOL.

    • SO many great things to see “up there”. I just have to remember to get out of the way – nothing annoys a NY’er like a tourist who stops in the middle of the sidewalk to take photos with no regard for people around them.

  3. Exciting perspective w/ all of the diagonals and lines! Love the color the sign gives the image as well! You are perfecting your style on these buildings!

  4. Great complimentary colors! I especially like the deep blue on the deli sign. As well as going up I hope you take us down under the city sometime. Where the Mole People live.

  5. I really like the contrast between the curves of the Gracefully sign and the lines/angles/shapes of the building and the Burger-Klein sign. Great, vibrant colors too…

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