Old school, Brooklyn laundry.

Yes, I changed the WordPress theme. Feedback welcome.


23 thoughts on “Laundry

  1. Love the angle you shot this at….the laundry line makes for a great leading line to the building! This is definitely something I don’t see everyday! 🙂

    Love your new theme, simple which shows off your pics nicely!

  2. Great photo. The birds have put an end to hanging clothes out for me. I like how you can scroll through your pictures easily with this theme. The color sets off the images perfectly.

  3. That reminds me of my early childhood. When we lived in railroad flats in Manhattan and Brooklyn, the fire escape was our back yard.

  4. Great photo! Looks like laundry is the only thing you can do on this deck. I can see unmentionables though, and it offends my delicate sensibilities. My mom said that when they did laundry like this when she was young the sensitive stuff had to be concealed in a way that the wandering eye couldn’t see.

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