The Letter T

This is by far the biggest cross I have seen at Green-Wood. Check it out in relation to the trees and the other headstones. My friend’s grandfather used to tell her: “You can always tell who was really loved by the grave.” She asked: “Are the ones with the biggest graves the people who were loved the most?” His answer: “No. Those are the people that everybody wants to make sure can’t come back”. Still makes me giggle.


17 thoughts on “The Letter T

  1. That T looks like it’s towering over the rest of the cemetary! I really like the angle you used here using that brilliant blue sky as a backdrop! I got a laugh out of the Grandfather’s comment too, he’s probably right!

    • it is! I remember the first time I rounded the corner and saw it……..then I started laughing. Some day I might post the story about a man who *really* wanted to make sure his religious devotion continued in the afterlife. (if I forget, just send me an email).

  2. lol you made me giggle too

    I LOVE this giant textured cross against that brilliant blue sky…looks very high and mighty! People must really not want this person to return! πŸ™‚

  3. What Julie said! :-0 Great perspective and a lovely blue in the sky. My grave will be a microdot of nothingness. I am too humble for my own good.

  4. Funny little story. I like the organic look of the base – like you can see the worker’s fingers pushing the cement around before it set up.

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