I’d say that these guys are “motorized”. This is rumored to be the safest block in Manhattan to live on. I had a hard time straightening this photo. Any line I chose to use the straighten tool on, threw another line out of whack.





18 thoughts on “Motorized

  1. I don’t think the Hell’s Angels would want their photo to be neatly aligned. You’ve captured the spirit of the place, and that’s the point!

  2. there is a panel “no parking” but no one “no pictures”! I think it like Bobbie: You captured the spirit of the place …

  3. Ah… I understand someone’s comment on Steven’s blog about moving in next door to a motorcycle gang for safety.

    Great colors. I feel your pain with the straighten tool…never quite seems to work for me, either!

    • I like the straighten tool, but I actually think the building is a bit lopsided. So, if I straighten according to the brick lines, the building is off. If I use the stairs or another part of the building, the bricks are off. Meh. Y’all get the gist of the photo anyway πŸ™‚ n

  4. What a cool shot! The dark, foreboding door with the colors within are very dramatic, not to mention the subject matter. Top notch, crooked and all!

  5. Do you have a bodyguard with you when you go on your photowalks??You are a brave soul. I think the un-straightness really fits the subject as they don’t really toe a straight and narrow line either. Nice work.

  6. What a great door and shot. We all thank you!
    I don’t have elements but in full photoshop if you use filter > distort > lens correction you can use the transform vertical and horizontal perspective sliders. I don’t know either if the crop tool in elements has a perspective option, that can work.

  7. a massive entrance that I never would dare to use. Don’t think I would dare to take a photo like this either. Happy you did so you could show us. I think you made a good choice as of what line should be staright

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