Something About You…..

There’s something about you, Henry Ruggles, that makes me keep visiting over and over. Doesn’t he look better than he did in the winter?

Also, some people asked me if the Henry was an infant. I asked the cemetery’s historian, and not much is known about Henry. However, there are dates on the statue that indicate he was an adult. There is some religious context to the statue, but I am not quite sure what it is. I have a book on symbolism, but haven’t finished reading it yet.

I found several others in the cemetery that I call the “NotRuggles”. Here is one of them. I think he pales in comparison to “The Big Baby”.


14 thoughts on “Something About You…..

  1. Well he certainly looks a lot more comfortable. I’ve gotta say that I really liked the winter shot too. The snow he was kneeling in, and the sky were great photo elements. That’s the only time I like snow, when it’s in other people’s photos.

  2. I don’t think the statue shows a portrait of Henry Ruggles … Would be interested what you’ll learn from your book on symbolism. I do like the picture above: white against the blue sky.

  3. There is quite a degree of symbolism with the statue. Looking skyward, hands clasped and without clothes. Nice to see it isolated against a stark blue sky.

  4. Oh yes, this image is much warmer. Tomb stones can be so beautiful and this one fits the bill. Really enjoy the sun burst feeling with the composition with the trees behind the stone.

  5. I love that first image…it is so striking and eye catching against that brilliant blue sky. The cherub looks as though she is looking towards Heaven! BEAUTIFUL.

  6. Beautiful pictures. I really like the first one. Henry is striking against the bright blue sky. Like Tammy said, he seems to be looking towards Heaven.

  7. I like seeing him in the snow but that blue sky makes for a great backdrop. So, these weren’t custom made but mass-produced in varying sizes? Interesting. I’m hoping that you’ll find out more about the symbolism of this type of monument.

  8. What a beautiful figure…asking for Henry to be admitted into heaven. Nothing modern can top these vintage memorials…would love to have one for my own plot.

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