My hyacinths are finally starting to pop. Yay! They smell wonderful.


17 thoughts on “Purple

  1. Beautiful flower, and I agree that the scent is something to behold. I don’t have any in my yard anymore, thanks to the deer. I can grow the little grape hyacinths ground cover, but not the large ones.

  2. Nothing smells as good as hyacinths. (Excpet maybe lilacs…or lily-of-the-valley…or honesysuckle…but I digress…) you’ve captured perfectly the waxy petals: if I take a deep breath, I think I can smell them from here.

  3. Lovely! The flowers this spring seem especially welcome after that crappy winter. I’ve joked before about how cool a scratch and sniff widget would be for blogs, these are another reason why there should be such a thing.

  4. Thanks, Tammy. I didn’t do much to it. Just played a bit with contrast. I just went out and looked at my hyacinths and they are actually much darker purple than they are in this shot.

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