Shades of Grey

Well, a few shades of gray on this kitty. This is one of the kitties who keeps coming to my yard and causing chaos with my cats. She’s cute, but I am at maximum cat-pacity.


15 thoughts on “Shades of Grey

    • It seems like the whole neighborhood knows it! At least the word is out amongst the kitties. As much as I love cats, these are becoming a problem and I wish they would find another place to hang out.

  1. Is this the window stalker? He is quite beautiful and majestic looking…I think he just wants to be a part of your cat tribe! I am in love with those mysterious eyes!

    • she is one of the window stalkers, but the two (mostly) black ones are much worse. She (I got a closer look yesterday) cannot be part of the tribe. Tribe is FULL! Full, I say!

  2. The Cat on THE hot tin roof under THE tree of LIFE willlll forever be yours, unless the CLOTHESLINE is strung to tigght!LOL

    Umm, nice shot! 😉

  3. She definitely has a “tude” Love the reference to Cat-pacity! Spose she is street tough and that’s all she’s known and so it shows on her face…I have a couple of outside cats like that too..but can’t get them to stay still long enough to photograph.

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