Store Front(s)

So many great old businesses in the East Village. Some of them have survived gentrification, thankfully.


14 thoughts on “Store Front(s)

  1. The tag and the fixed-gear bike bring nice life to the image. That’s a cool fire escape reflection in the window as well.

  2. Wonderful shot, Gisele. I think it is the light Tony mentioned that really makes it shine. Whether this was early morning or evening, you found a great time of day to shoot.

  3. I love the way the lighting makes the color of the bricks pop….and then the color is enhanced by the fine details of the signs, bike and graffiti!

  4. Great shot…love those vintage graphics on the signs…like it used to look all over when growing up. Always interesting to see the security that must be set up now for the businesses.

  5. Lots of things to look at in this photo. The bike looks so lonely! Like the red and grey contrast. And then the graffiti.

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