Stuffed Animal

I present to you, Simon – aka El Papi Chulo, Chubba Wubba, The Orange Crusher, or Woolly Bully. He is a sweet cat, but he is on a diet. When I bring my cats to my mom’s house, Simon scares my kitties because he is on the hunt for their food. Sometimes we just see his ears on the staircase coming up  ^.^    That’s when I start making “Jaws” music. At 23 lbs., I believe he qualifies as a “Stuffed Animal”.

17 thoughts on “Stuffed Animal

  1. Simon is a wonderful looking ginger. I used to call them orange, but the Brit’s got the best of me. I like how he has the partial tongue wag going.

    Our fatty, Angus, has lost 1.1 pounds since his last visit to the vet, and weighs in at a svelte 19.5 pounds. He’s still “Tubby” in my book.

  2. Lovely colors in this image – the cat is gorgeous, but he looks kind of scowly – probably because he knows you are writing about the “d” word… 😀

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