Today I went by the family plot of former President Theodore Roosevelt. Although he is buried by his “summer White House” in Oyster Bay, Long Island (very close to where I grew up), there are many other Roosevelts here. His first wife, Alice, and his mother, Martha, both tragically died on Valentine’s Day in 1884 and are included in this family plot. All of the white tombstones that form a circle are the Roosevelts.


17 thoughts on “Family

  1. Why are cemeteries always located on prime real estate with such great views? The background trees make a great backdrop to the whiteness of the tombstones.

  2. How interesting that the family stones are in a semi-circle. I always think of headstones as being lines up in a linear way. I think your composition on this is fantastic.

  3. You framed this shot well, as we see the rise of the land as well as the rise of the stones. Nice soft colors, too.

    Man, I guess 2/14/1884 was a bad day for Teddy.

  4. Such a great interpretation of the theme. I like the way the graves are totally unassuming for someone so well known. The photo is well framed too.

  5. Love the arrangement of these stones among the spring colors….the lighting really brightens this cemetery!

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