Morning Routine

Here is Ms. Stella Mozzarella in our morning routine during the nicer weather. Tea with my girl in the yard. I didn’t love the shot taken with my iPhone, so I did a lomo effect on it.


17 thoughts on “Morning Routine

  1. This looks kind of Alice-in-Wonderland-y, with the giant cup and cat’s face, peeking over the rim of the table. Very cool image.

  2. Great processing choice. Plus, I really like the wY the cup is emphasized in the foreground. Stella really looks like she’s waiting for her cup of tea.

  3. This is my favorite image of yours! Ms. Stella is in a perfect pose, and I love how the chair fits her so well. Just the head! The cup off to the side tells us you are both enjoying a conversation together. Probably about mustard or something.

  4. Just a great image… but I think you’re being ignored for whatever feathered creature in a tree has captured Stella’s attention.

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