Del Re’s grinding truck occasionally rolls through town, ringing its bell, offering to make your implements nice and sharp, although I scratched up the photo a little bit with some texture.

17 thoughts on “Sharp

  1. I’ve never lived in a neighborhood where a grinding truck visited but I’ve seen them in other places. They always seem so much a throwback to days long gone……..but I guess not!

    I like the grain you introduced – it adds to the olden feel.

    • I remember one of these in the suburbs and am surprised that this guy comes to Brooklyn. I’ve seen articles written about him (and his truck) as a throwback to a bygone era.

  2. I’d prefer ice cream too, but I suppose if I had an axe to grind it’d be a different story. Great truck and a cool presentation.

  3. The thumbnail looked like it was a Matchbox car I have. When my skates need sharpening I now know who to call!

  4. My parents used to complain that the sharpening guy no longer came by, what a treat! I think I’d purposely dull up something just to meet him. Glad you are playing with textures.

  5. I remember the grinder who used to come around to our neighborhood two of three times a year, My grandmother would have him sharpen her sewing shears.

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