Well, this is what my neighborhood looks like today…..busy, busy! Why? They are filming The Amazing Spider-Man  and have swarmed the whole neighborhood. There have been a ton of movies shot here (it’s very picturesque), including some major films. This is by far the biggest yet. Sometimes it’s fun, but other times, not so much – they take all of the parking (a very big deal in NYC), have trucks all over the street, block traffic, make noise, etc.). This is 1/2 block from my house – I know Sally Field is on the set today because my neighbor just saw her.

Anyway, I was not inspired to shoot today because yesterday was my birthday and I’m fairly useless today 🙂


16 thoughts on “Busy

  1. Busy, and most interesting. Perhaps you could get a walk on role like Kramer did on Seinfeld. Can you say, “These pretzels are making me thirsty?”

  2. I’m exhausted just looking at all the activity. It sounds like you handled your birthday well though!

  3. There even seems to be a few birds on the roofs checking out all the action, or are they just props…hope your birthday was memorable, not just for the hangover.

  4. First and most important, Happy belated Birthday. As for the pic, looks like a typical NYC day! lol. So now the spyder drawing a couple days ago may be making sense.

  5. Being from NE, this shot is just intriguing…can’t even imagine them filming near me…how exciting, but I can imagine how frustrating it would be too!

    I somehow missed your birthday! I hope it was happy and full of everything you love! 🙂

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