The Letter R….

….is for raccoon. I had a BBQ on Sunday night and three stray cats crossed my yard. I said “well, at least the raccoons haven’t shown up this year”. Four hours later I hear something tearing at my bedroom window screen. Yep. THEY’RE BAAAAAACK! Last night one shimmied down the drain pipe, ran across my yard and then walked along the fence all while I had a flashlight on it. No fear whatsoever.

Here is the stuffed raccoon at my local pub. If he wants some company, I am happy to offer my yard raccoons.


11 thoughts on “The Letter R….

  1. They sure are cute when they are small and young, but grow pretty nasty quick. This one has an appropriate expression for having just tipped the jug.

  2. So clever and such great survivors. I had to close off my cat door after they invaded and marched off with a gallon jar of kibbles under their arm. Stuffed is good!

  3. I think you should “borrow” that one and put it at your bedroom window…sounds like your raccoon needs a friend!

  4. They look cute with their masks and “hands” but being rabies carriers, we’ve had to permanently remove any that think they can live close to our barnyard. Seems like there is always one that thinks it can make it’s nest in the attic of our garage. They are also quite vicious to dogs/cats.

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