I Love…..

Love Lane in Brooklyn Heights. This is such a great part of town with brownstones and carriage houses and a fantastic view from the promenade of downtown NYC. Tuesday was a great day for walking around there. Love Lane is particularly quaint, but there was a truck making a delivery so I couldn’t get a nice shot of it.

I am a bit behind of catching up on blogs. My best friend is in town staying with me this week. I’m viewing the posts, but having a hard time finding enough time to comment.Β 


12 thoughts on “I Love…..

  1. there’s no problem, but some time you’ll show the “fantastic view from the promenade of downtown NYC”? Have a good time together with your friend!

  2. I hope we get a glimpse at the housing around there…this is really fun and you have me anticipating MORE! πŸ™‚

  3. I hear you about time commitments, so just have fun with your friend and don’t worry. Hey, was Brooklyn Heights the place where Patty Duke lived? She had an identical cousin named Cathy, but she was the complete opposite! They could have done a sit-com about them when you think about it. They were cousins, identical cousins!

  4. Friends in the flesh come before friends on this blog, I’m sure you won’t be without your camera during this visit. Love La. sounds like a good place to start.

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