The Letter A…

…is for Armando’s. This is in the same neighborhood (Brooklyn Heights) as Love Lane. It just screams “Old school NY Italian restaurant” to me. Here is an excerpt from their webpage:

“Armando’s has been a fixture on Montague Street since 1936 and quickly became the classic Italian restaurant in Brooklyn Heights. Armando’s once served as a hideaway for the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Arthur Miller and Norman Mailer. The Armando’s bar was also a favorite watering hole amongst the Brooklyn Dodgers. After a short closing from mid 2008 to late 2009, Armando’s re-opened with a brand new look, renewed energy and much excitement and support from the neighborhood. The core principle behind Armando’s remains the same- serving great Italian fare in an inviting neighborhood atmosphere. ”

I didn’t think of doing this in B&W until I saw the sign was on their website in B&W, so I figured I’d give it a try. Not sure which one I like better. Let me know your opinion(s)



14 thoughts on “The Letter A…

  1. I pick color (because as I’m viewing, the B&W isn’t showing up). It does look very classic Italian restaurant. I’ll bet the food is delicious.

    (PS: Never went into the maze in today’s blog photo…I was afraid I’d get lost in it! Hahaha)

  2. The black and white is showing up now….I choose the color, that shade of red just screams Itallion! Do they deliver (to Nebraska)??

  3. I love the sign and the shadows cast by the neon tubes. I suppose I’d choose the color treatment, but either way, I love the sign.

  4. I like the color, only because it isn’t in your face overly saturated red. It has a subtle tone that makes it feel older. Plus you can see the lobster better in red.

  5. I prefer the color. What I might do is to split the difference and use selective color, keeping just the red of the sign.

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