Gisele as stained glass.

It’s been raining for 2 days and now we are supposed to get 4 inches between now and Thursday.  I’m hoping I have enough backup photos in my files since I don’t plan on getting out much.


27 thoughts on “Self-portrait

  1. That’s very nice! The stained glass at that small size looks almost like honeycomb. Very cool. Good luck with the rain, hope you can find a sunbreak or two to get out in.

  2. So nice to put a face with the person…I love the processing – very fun!

    We are supposed to get another round of rain from Thurs-Sun (just when we started to dry out)

  3. I am wondering if the sun is on permanent leave! You have occupied the rainy days well. This is a lovely self-portrait, and the stained glass effect is both subtle and interesting.

  4. Hey, nice to see you! This is a very nice self portrait. I’m thinking of doing mine in a reflection of grease with a high Gaussian Blur under a gradient map with a pattern overlay and a lomo effect thrown on top. For me it will hide the years of worry and defeat I carry. You on the other hand look great!

  5. Good to see you…and know you are a beautiful woman.
    We are amazed at the amount of rain and flooding going on in America…hope yours is just rain.

  6. Fabulous image Gisele, but as far as I can see you don’t seem to have any flaws worth hiding behind this stained glass effect, that’s for others in my age bracket! LOL Have you given the snails their send-off party yet?

  7. Glad to see a face to associate with your name now…both are very pretty…and no need to hide behind what I thought was veiling or curtain lace. I like the effect though!

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