The Letter T

This is my friend’s cat, Tube Socks Eliot, or T.S. Eliot, if you will…..

He’s quite handsome, and there’s a rumor going around that he actually loves me more than he loves his daddy.


14 thoughts on “The Letter T

    • His poppa is jealous because TS won’t let poppa pet his belly without biting him. However, when I am over, TS shows me his belly and let’s me kiss it and scratch it. I’m a cat whisperer 🙂

    • I believe it started because he was going to be called Tube Socks (due to his leg markings), which became TS, which became TS Eliot. I call him tse tse fly (teetsy)

      • Update: his name is actually spelled Toob Socks Eliot, and that’s because one person wanted to name him after tube socks and another suggested “Eliot”.

  1. I love the origins of pet names, Tube Socks Elliot being a great example. Henry sounds like Ennui, which was shortened to Oui which sounds like Flea so at times we call her Da Flea, though she doesn’t have any.

    TS looks like a cool cat, and he knows a pushover when he sees one! 😉

  2. It looks like TS Eliot is pure attitude! 🙂 I’m not so sure he loves anyone…he is sure everyone is in love w/ him lol

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