I saw these two ladies holding hands on the side of a building in Brooklyn Heights


11 thoughts on “Hands

  1. Very nice. I like the strong contrasts in the photo. Just don’t try to talk about this in the Tennessee schools now that “Don’t Say Gay” legislation passed and prohibits teachers from discussing homosexuality in the classrooms.

    • That law is just ridiculous and incredibly offensive. Being gay is not like “Beetle Juice” – it doesn’t show up if you mention its name.

  2. I too like the dark brick that serves as a frame to the relief work. I too find the neocons to be totally bizarre and overbearing. I think some have deep dark closets and are really afraid of themselves.

  3. One of the benefits for me of attempting to do this 365 challenge is how it makes me much more aware visually of what is around. Nice shot!

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