Get ready to hear MUCH more about my tomato crop than you ever wanted to hear. I am crazy about growing tomatoes. My father used to grow tomatoes like crazy but I never paid much attention to how he did it. Now he’s gone and I finally have a yard and this will be my third year growing. I have high hopes for this season – some are regular plants and many are heirlooms with strange colors (purple, striped, etc.).

Despite the horrible weather, they are starting to grow. I start counting them daily (yes, weird) until there are too many to count (usually around 200). As of this morning, there are NINE. 


18 thoughts on “Nine

  1. The good news is that in 191 more you can stop counting and start eating them! I love fresh tomatoes. Our grocery only has the rock-hard-perpetually-pink-with-no-flavor kind. I buy them anyway.

    • Those pink, tasteless tomatoes are awful. I can always find red ones throughout the year at my produce market. I don’t know where they get them from in the winter – they’re better than those pink ones, but the really flavorful ones don’t start coming until the spring. Once mine start arriving, I never buy any tomatoes. Everybody will get the extras – my physical therapists, mailman, neighbors, etc.

  2. It is my favorite vegetable to grow too! Although, I haven’t tried to grow any since living in the desert… Keep the pics coming… and if you have too many, send them here!

    • the tomatoes! The number of plants does not change from day to day 🙂 I always plant an early-producing hybrid (50 days) as most take longer (70-80 days).

  3. good luck to you with your tomatoes, we had some plants last year but were not really happy with them, probably because of inappropriate treatment …

  4. BLT’s for everyone! 🙂 We planted a plant up on our patio, but it hasn’t started blooming and producing tomatoes like yours! Now you have me wishing it would hurry up!

  5. You sure sound like a proud tomato mom! I like mine with mustard, thank you.

    BTW, this image is cool. Looks like an alien hand.

  6. I love all the detail down to the hairs you captured. Tomatoes here are iffy, it’s rarely warm at night. Short season types can do well in a good year. Mustard is easy to grow!

  7. I love tomatoes and can see yours are so much closer to eating than mine which due to late frosts have just been transplanted into the garden.Have many varieties planted but we’ll have to have some hot days and sunshine before any eating. Lucky you!

    • Mine are still behind – I found a picture from this exact date last year and they were much further along. That said, I have 17 today 🙂 Oh, and the sun is finally out and the weather report makes it look like it’s going to stay out for a few days at least.

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