Reaching Up

The Parachute Jump has been closed for decades, but the framework still remains on the Coney Island boardwalk. Click the link to see what it looked like when riders would be strapped in to parachutes to glide back to the ground. Its history is pretty interesting.

From another perspective:


14 thoughts on “Reaching Up

  1. Now that is so cool! What a great testimonial to the old days of amusement. Sure is nice that it survives, even if it isn’t functional. At today’s prices for scrap steel I’m surprised someone who is greedy doesn’t try to turn it in for a fast buck.

  2. I prefer the bottom one–it really lets us see the patterns. They are set off dramatically against the densely patterned sky.

  3. Exciting shots! What great lines and I’m glad to read that it is protected. I vaguely remember its cousin in Riverview Park in Chicagoland, mentioned in the Wiki article.

  4. Wonderfully striking images. Not sure I would’ve ridden that, but it must’ve been great to see it being used. I’m glad this seems to have a preservation order on it…

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