People fish off the piers at Coney Island – apparently they catch blue fish and striped bass. One guy caught this BLUE fish and offered it to me (NYC is a very friendly place, except when it’s not). Um, thanks, but no thanks. Looking at this photo, I feel like it’s going to star moving and singing “Take Me to the River” like that novelty item that was a hit a few years ago.



12 thoughts on “Blue

  1. Well, I hope someone took it home for dinner! Nicely pictured on the diagonal planks with the screw head details. I can imagine it animated too as the fish’s face has such an interesting expression on it.

  2. That’s a pretty fish. Like Bill said, hope it ends up back in the river or as a meal, for it is a waste to ruin its life just for someone’s sport. I like how you showed it with the plank screws in the image. Nice detail.

  3. Actually, bluefish is delicious (if someone else guts and fillets it for you!) The fish is nicely composts against the weathered wood of the pier.

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