On Sunday I went to the 150th anniversary of the Civil War event at Green-Wood Cemetery. They had all kinds of reenactments, including many people in costume. This young man was playing a Union soldier. He sat very patiently by this tree while numerous people took his picture.


17 thoughts on “Union

  1. The civil war was my first (and only) thought for this theme. I like the soldier. Maybe i can get back East to a re-enactment in the next couple of years. I think he’s an unusual young man to devote his time to history.

    • I usually take photos first and then see how I can fit them into the theme list. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with this one until I saw “union” and realized it was perfect.

  2. Great color. And your exposure of the subject was spot on. The background almost looks like a backdrop! When you look at him you think he shaves with soap and water, and in the Civil War that was an unfortunate truth.

  3. Since my husband is a Civil War buff, I’m going to a lot of these re-enactments these days. To me, there are two kinds of pictures one can take at them: action shots, and the more personal portraits of the people. This is a wonderful example of the latter. So much can be read into this photo of the thoughts going on in his head–especially if one mentally moves him back in time, as sees him as a young recruit about to face battle for the first time.

  4. Wonderfully composed. I like the image of the soldier and the out of focus cemetery in the background. I thought the Union guys wore blue-?

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