You could furnish your entire apartment, fill your closet with clothes and your bookshelves with books just by going around my neighborhood on a Sunday night (the night they pick up the garbage, recycling and bulk items). There is a tradition of putting stuff out on display – within hours (sometimes minutes), it will be gone. I like this idea – one person’s junk IS another person’s treasure.

Here is some FOOTWEAR waiting for its new owner.


13 thoughts on “Footwear

  1. Oh, you should consider making this into a weekly series. I’d love to see some of the other artistically arranged cast-offs. This shot is awesome and makes me think about the gentleman who wore this spiffy footwear.

    • I have tons of pictures of things I find on the street. There are a few blogs devoted to it as well. I’m sure I’ll be posting some more from time to time.

  2. I’ll bet there are some real treasures to be found if you can be quick enough. The closest town has a yearly large junk pickup week and people drive around with pickups and trailers and “exchange” “treasures”!! I figure if someone else can use it, why not!

  3. Do they have those in a 9?? I too wonder about the zip tie. What was it holding? And why was whatever was so ineffectively held taken, but the zip tie left behind in public humiliation for failing to do it’s job.

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