I present to you, Miss Cleopatra Jones. She is the “sister” of Mister TS Eliot. When my friend wanted a companion for TS, I told him to meet me at the shelter where I do some volunteer work. I knew he was looking for a girl kitty, but there were only two on display for adoption and neither “spoke to me”. I asked the owner/manager if there were any other girl kitties available and he said there was one in another room but they were waiting for space to become available to put her out on the floor. He brought her to me, and by the time my friend arrived, I said “Here she is – this one is going to be yours.” He fell in love immediately (I have a dozen pics of their first meeting), even though he “tested out” some of the others on his lap. Since she was all black (more on that later), he wanted a great name, like from the ’70s “Blaxploitation” films. Something along the lines of Foxy Brown (Pam Grier), so she became Cleopatra Jones. I was calling her Miss Cleo after the psychic, and we often call her Cleopotomii or Cleo-pot-a-mouse.

Here she is in all of her slinky blackness:

And giving me her best “catitude” face:

And stalking TS in the hallway. He is not amused.

Lastly, we were surprised to realize that although she looks completely black, she really isn’t. Look what I discovered one day (SOOC) – she has red stripes!


11 thoughts on “Black

  1. Looks to me like Tube Socks got the short end of the deal. You’ll likely have some ‘splainin to do next time you see him.

  2. Beautiful eyes and fur! Our chow-chow is solid black, too, until the light hits her a certain way…. and then the red in her coat is overwhelmingly pronounced.

  3. so nice a story you are telling; I understand very well, you have to wait until a cat (or probably a dog) speakes to you. I do the same.

  4. Wow, quite the chameleon! I take it the flash brought out the red tones? She looks so unlike any of the other shots in that one.

    I’m still laughing at the name of Tube Socks Eliot.

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