As some of you saw from my earlier post, this is what constitutes “Garbage” on a regular + recycling Sunday night in my neighborhood. I’m sure all of these things were re-homed before the trucks came. Edit to add: this is in the span of three blocks!


10 thoughts on “Garbage

  1. It’s the footwear I love. Especially well done on the focus point and depth of field and perspective on the shot of the pair of shoes on the iron fence

    My city had a giveaway weekend this past weekend. I guess it is actually against city bylaws for people to take stuff that’s been put out for pickup on garbage day so this is the one time you can put stuff out for people to take. My son and I took the dog for a walk and came back with a telescope that was still in the box.

  2. I like your collection, it shows very well, that garbage mostly is not an absolute category. The garbage of someone may be of some use for me and vice versa.

  3. I really enjoyed how the various items were so carefully displayed. Great idea to allow people to freely share unneeded belongings.

  4. OK–I think you should do a poster–like the famous Doors of Dublin–of the footwear left behind. There’s some thing about all of those photos that just captures the imagination.

  5. I hope the monitors didn’t make it to the landfill. I shudder to remember when I ignorantly tossed an old computer monitor into the garbage dumpster. Shame.
    I’m surprised the city hasn’t enacted ordinances against this. It only takes one disgruntled neighbor. Meanwhile, it’s easier than having a sidewalk sale!

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