Black and White Image

I love these gas lanterns that can still be found in Prospect Park and along some of the streets that have brownstone houses. I’ll have a house guest for the next two days, so my comments may be sporadic.


18 thoughts on “Black and White Image

  1. The scene really lends itself well to the b+w processing. The darkness of the poles goes well with the black of the center railing. Not many leaves on those trees, so I take it this was taken early spring?

    • April 20th. I was thinking of using something else for B+W, but had this pic and knew I liked it, so I swapped it out with the one I was planning on doing.

  2. Repetition of pattern is one of my favorite tools in composition. This is really nicely done and I especially like the B&W. Gas lights seem such a thing of the past…..

  3. I’ll bet this is a neat scene at night when these lamps are lighted and glowing. These homes are so “city” to me…love their style. Nicely done.

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