Slam on the Brakes

Well, you could try slamming on the brakes in this car, but I’m not sure you’d actually stop. Found this parked in front of a really cool, old bar in Red Hook called Sunny’s. This bar is an institution – Sunny was way ahead of his time for this neighborhood. Bar is only open Wed., Fri. and Sat. and/or any other time Sunny feels like it. If you have been following my blog for a while, you might remember reading about Sunny’s brother – he owns this house. Texture by Shadowhouse Creations – Grab Bag #9 + I added a vignette.


19 thoughts on “Slam on the Brakes

  1. A new favorite of mine….I love the composition of course, but the texture really adds tons of contrast to the image….very well done! 🙂

    • Thank you! I haven’t learned how yet, but I can see how this would work well. Maybe once I learn I can go back. Not sure if the truck is there all the time.

  2. Love that rust-bucket truck. It looks perfect in front of Sunny’s. Not sure if I would like Sunny’s as I need a bar I can depend on.

  3. More fine composing and of course a great looking bar and truck. I wonder if you could mask out some of the texture in places, I’d start with the tires. I’ve been finding that you can get more of a feel of depth with varying the opacity in places.

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