Best Friend

Yesterday I was walking through DUMBO (seriously – that’s what the realtors dubbed this neighborhood, and it stuck. Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) and I passed this little shrine. There was no explanation for it, no words inside. I imagine that this little dog was his owner’s Best Friend.

16 thoughts on “Best Friend

  1. Yep, nice tribute to a friend. The second crop is my fave. The tribute is close enough to stand out and yet there’s still a good portion of the graffiti. I like the cupcake scribbles as well.

  2. What a wonderfull find. These two must have had a special relationship indeed. I love the composition in the first shot but am glad you gave us a couple close-up views too.

  3. I’ve been reading about DUMBO lately…seems to me it’s a new term, but an interesting area. What a poignant little shrine. How like NY to find something so sweet and personal in a public space with no further explanation.

  4. How sweet among the graffiti. I like the middle crop too. I love to think of you as being always scouting in such a vital and varied place.

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