I spotted this guy walking under the Manhattan Bridge (yes, in DUMBO again) this week. I think he was looking for a little alone time.

14 thoughts on “Isolation

  1. Looks like he found it! Nice shot … including him does a nice job of defining the scale of the bridge. And conversely, the scale of the bridge makes him seem pretty insignificant. Like the colors too … nice overall image.

  2. Your composition with the lone man beneath the bridge speaks of isolation. Nice processing to bring out the colors and textures of the bridge scene.

  3. I like the shot and especially the tones and textures of the bridge. The man does, indeed, look pretty tiny in comparison. I’m not sure of your theory about him looking for alone time – I think he was a photographer just like you and looking for some interesting shots. In fact, as soon as you turned your back on HIM he probably shot a shot of YOU and he’s posting it on his blog right now. 😉

  4. I like the soaring span of bridge in the background. He looks like he has a camera. I wonder if he took a photo of you, from behind, as well? 😀

  5. Love this shot, Gisele. From the composition, colors, highlighted reflection and subject matter. I really like those metal bridge supports on the stone blocks.

  6. A moment of contemplation…whether it be of the perfect photo composition or of more weighty matters…it probably allows for a bit of a getaway from the present busy busy world.

  7. This photo fits the theme perfectly. I love the way the man is positioned here… and the size of the bridge seems to give even more of a feeling of isolation.

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