Looking at this building (in DUMBO), I’d say Pedro’s qualifies as Asymmetrical!


11 thoughts on “Asymmetrical

  1. Great colors, and I love the beer door that looks to have had some steps leading down to it. You just know going into a place like this that you’re going to eat well.

  2. I love how my eye just looks around and around at the great color and shapes and those fine doors, I think I’ll have a mojito, I could bump my head on the beer door. I’m liking DUMBO, sad it’s so far away.

  3. It’s a bit early for beer, but huevos rancheros would be good about now. 😉

    This artwork is amazing and I can’t imagine being on this street and not being drawn into Pedro’s – the color and enthusiasm are irresistible. Great, great shot, Gisele.

  4. I think you have found a great artist there….great colors with so much going on…every time I look at it I see something new…love it!

  5. I agree with Tony in that this may appear symmetrical if you stay at Pedro’s too long! I like how you framed this with just enough of cityscape on the top and sides. It helps with the perspective.

  6. Great shot for the theme.. and just to know such a place exists. I’ll take the Mojito, even though I’m fairly sure I’d fit through the beer door without ducking.

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