Yesterday was the annual Mermaid Parade at Coney Island. I have never gone before and the weather was great – which meant that the crowd was over 500,000 strong. So, I did what any good New Yorker would do – I found out how to get myself a press pass (for $5) and spent my whole time in the staging area. It was SO much fun – best day I have had in a long time. The costumes were fabulous, as you will see over several posts. Everybody was relaxed in the staging area and while there were still plenty of people, it was really perfect back there. Of course, I walked too much and was on my feet too long and when I got home, I couldn’t stand up. Ah, well.

I loved what he did to his eyes.

Here’s his full outfit:

18 thoughts on “Eyes

  1. Good work on the press pass.. As much as I love the boots and the frilly shoulder thingy, the eyes are spectacular. You really captured them well, along with the texture of his make up, in the first image. And the shallow depth of field blurred out the barbed wire and chain link nicely. Good shootin’!

  2. Great shooting on that top shot and cool that you got a press press pass. Those are some amazing eyes, I wonder if he is wearing colored contact lenses.

  3. I want to go to a mermaid festival….how cool is that! I didn’t know there were guy mermaids…and what a costume! I love the makeup….I would love to see him walking through the grocery store! lol

  4. So that is what I get for reading the emails backwards. A mermaid festival!! lol. I love his crown and he has pretty good legs for a guy! lol. Very neat. I look forward to the rest!

  5. Great fulfillment of the theme! I hope he didn’t spend as much time on his feet as you did. I can’t imagine walking in those shoes. Looking forward to more pix.

  6. The head shot is just great! Getting a press pass was sheer inspiration! Were the participants willing to pose and all that good stuff because you were part of the press?

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