This chick got a lot of attention – and she loved it. What do you think of her…………hair?  (p.s. she’s not really silver – I just liked the look of Topaz Adjust’s “dramatic” preset”) 

16 thoughts on “Hair

  1. It looks like you found a great celebration to shoot. I’m looking forward to seeing more participants, if not necessarily more of the participants. 😉

  2. I like how that area on the grungey wall looks as if it could be her shadow – it kind of ties it all together. It bet she looks even better at night – it looks like her locks might have little LED lights in it.

  3. Now that is a hair do….think I would like it better in green! 🙂 Love the gritty processing of this…goes so well with those boots! Think I need a pair of those!

  4. All in all, a fascinating portrait. I love the attention to detail. To me, that one red leaf in the background is important.

  5. So this was your self portrait shot? You mislabeled it as Hair.

    This looks like an image I would see in a modern magazine where I wouldn’t recognize any of the names mentioned!

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