Once upon a time, there was a Queen who was wondering for a long time when her King would come.

Finally, she found him! He yelled at his subjects a lot, but she secretly thought it was funny.

Sometimes while he was Knighting people, they would make jokes like “off with their heads!”

They were a perfect match and lived happily ever after. The End.


15 thoughts on “Fairytale

  1. Great portraits! I love the ‘amused’ smile on her face in the second one. Were they watching the Mermaid Parade?? Are they scarred for life?

    • There were tons of children at and in the parade. I think they’ll all survive….but there was one moment when the girl in my “Hair” photo posed against a chain link fence with her back to everybody and she only had on the tiniest of strings. I heard one father say “whoa…not for small eyes” and he moved his kids out of the way. Good strategy because the photographers would have tramped them trying to get the shot!

  2. We really need to have a talk with this girl about waiting for a King! She’s far better off getting a dog or cat and they won’t go around yelling at their subjects and whacking off their heads! Cute capture!

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