Summer Fun

This window scene just screams “NYC in the summer” to me. I noticed these three checking out the Mermaid Parade from a great vantage point

Another shot, a few seconds later, in color. I think I like B&W better. What do you think?




20 thoughts on “Summer Fun

  1. Black and white definitely! I love this city scene…the little decks combined w/ the lady in the window scream out New York!

  2. This may just be my favorite shot of the year. The black and white is the perfect treatment because this seems to be such a timeless scene. The interaction between the three people is best in the black and white shot too. I really love this….

  3. They are really checking out each other checking out the parade . . . Great interaction . . . the B&W speaks of New York City life.

  4. Great slice-of-life! For me, B&W hands down. Maybe because most of the photos from my childhood in NYC are in B&W, or because it reminds me of the front page of the News or the Post, or just because B&W has the basic gritty feel an urban shot like that needs.

  5. B+W for sure! The total urban feel is there, especially the fact that the guy in the center seems creepy. Something tells me what’s on his mind……

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