I love these tomatoes – they are Translucent. This was on Thursday.

Two days after the first shot, they are finally starting to turn. I have 152 tomatoes on the vine as of Saturday. Looks like I’ll be getting my first ripe ones this week.



17 thoughts on “Translucent

  1. I’m so jealous…and salivating at the mouth too at the thought of fresh tomatoes…especially cut up with a bit of ranch dressing on them or a tomato sandwich. Nicely photographed too!

    • Thank you! They are called “Husky Cherry Red” – a new variety for me this year. This one not only is the first to turn, but looks like it’s going to produce over 100 tomatoes.

  2. Now Gisele, did you count each and every one? Or did you make an approximation based on a count of an area? I once had 250 mosquito bites when I was in Louisiana, but that was based on 50 on one leg, times 3 for the other appendages and added 50 for my back. With the XX2 I have to think you actually counted!

    I like your self sufficiency when it comes to tomatoes, and enjoy your bounty! They are almost too pretty to eat, don’t you think?

    • I actually count them all. This plant has many more than any of the others – the cherry plants always do. Some of the other mateys are going to be HUGE!

  3. They seem to turn overnight, don’t they? And don’t think the birds won’t be enjoying that bountiful harvest, too! They’ve been watching!

  4. Nice plant portraits! It is amazing how long it takes for them to start to turn red and how fast they do it once they start.

  5. Great photos, I love the way you can “see” whats happening inside the tomatoes… Enjoy them, tomatoes are one of my favorite foods, specially the cherry tomatoes 🙂

  6. Green tomatoes do have a lovely translucence. I’m glad that you count them and am jealous too. Warm nights are rare here and tomatoes resent that.

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