Earlier this week I went by the local shelter where I do some volunteer work. When I got there, this little boy was hanging out as the guy he was with (I think his brother) was working. I took some photos of the older cats and sent them to the shelter, hoping that some nice pictures might entice somebody to come in and adopt them. This kid followed me everywhere and then said “Take a picture of me! Another one! Another one!”. Then I took out the kittens one at a time to help get them socialized. Of course he was glued to my side and was saying “Take out this one! No, that one! I want this one!” We hung out for about an hour, during which time I had to remind him a few times to be gentle, they were just babies. He has great volunteer potential…..and he’s just adorable (and Endearing), isn’t he?


18 thoughts on “Endearing

  1. Nice portraits Gisele. It’s wonderful that he’s getting introduced to the spirit of volunteerism at an early age.

  2. What a cute little kid. Not as cute as a kitten, but cute. I like these portraits, especially #1. The angle and the eyes off to the side work for me.

  3. He’s wonderful – and you must have had a great time with him! I like the full face shot best. In the bottom photo, the angle of the face and the eyes are perfect, but elbow is a distraction.

  4. Ah, what a camera will do to some kids! I do really like the second shot…..a lot of energy in that boy. Is it me or is there a slight yellow cast to these shots?

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