Two of these giant turtles (or maybe they are tortoises – I don’t really know the difference) are permanent residents at the animal shelter that I volunteer at. Sometimes they are in the retail store, and other times they are in the yard. Every so often they make a run for the door, but they do it very Slowly.

14 thoughts on “Slowly

  1. I always thought tortoises were land based, and just how did he end up in an animal shelter is my next question, he must be over 100 years old surely! Guess a panning shot of him making a getaway is never going to be successful.

  2. It looks like that poor tortoise can’t hardly reach the floor lol No wonder he is so slow! Incredible details!

  3. Can you imagine their frustration in trying to make a run for it, taking hours and hours heading for the door, only to be picked up and the end of the day and put right back where they started from? Ah, the agony of defeat!

  4. Damn you, Gisele! I had a turtle all lined up for a future post! 😉 Actually, this is a real cool shot, and demonstrating once again you are not without subject matter in Brooklyn. I like what Jacki said in good luck getting a panning shot of him making his getaway.

  5. One can see how ancient this species is…those legs don’t look like anything animal, but more like bark, and the shell looks like some sort of tiled stone.

  6. One of the large old tortises at Reptile Gardens in the Black Hills died recently. We had seen it and daughters had ridden it many times when we were vacationing. They have such interesting shells which your nice photo clearly shows.

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