A few days ago I had to meet a friend of mine in Times Square. Not only do I hate going to Times Square, but there was a huge Transformers movie event at the same time, with all of the stars making appearances. Blech. Tourists everywhere!

I did find these Statue(s) in a store window. I keep trying to take pictures of the real Statue of Liberty – you can see it very well from some of the higher elevations by me – but I haven’t been satisfied with the results.

I like these better, although I wish I didn’t have the light glare on some of them. Can anybody give me some steps to remove those spots?



12 thoughts on “Statue

  1. The spots make the crowns look as though they are glowing… 🙂

    Short of cloning one crown over the spotted one, I can’t come up with a solution. I like these images; they are fun!

  2. Like Val, I think cloning one without the light would do the trick, but the light doesn’t detract from the photo. I love the humor or this photo – and its mass-produced reproductions of Ldy Liberty. Perfect for a Times Square commentary and a 4th of July theme.

  3. Good old keepsake from NYC! I actually like the top image, as it tends to show more kitsch. If you are concerned about the light glow have you tried a duplicate layer and then running through the blend modes (followed by a mask) to see if it could be reduced? I’m with the others, though, in that it really isn’t that distracting.

  4. I’m not good at analyzing ting, but I just like the top one better. To me, it looks like one of the cheesy dance numbers you’d see as fill in the Miss America competitions, so it makes me laugh.

  5. Honestly, I don’t think the glare detracts from the pic, but you could clone the glare out…although I think it might be a tedious job!

  6. I think your photo of the multiple statue images is more interesting than one of the actual statue would be as we have all seen that a million times. As for the glare…you might try a vignette as that sometimes will hide those imperfections near the edge.. It really didn’t distract me either as I loved the image when I saw it.

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