This mermaid lady was on the Studio 54 float, which took second place in the Mermaid Parade in the motorized float division. The float had a lot of people dressed in great outfits, many with Gold chains, but I was attracted to her Gold earrings. I went to Studio 54 once when I was about 14 – the drinking age was 18 at the time and NY had paper licenses with no photos on them. Throw on some makeup and voila – I was in! I don’t remember much about it, except that I was happy I got “picked” to get inside.


12 thoughts on “Gold

    • Thanks! It was the first time I tried it and I definitely did not do a perfect job, especially in the top shot around all of that hair, but the background stuff was too distracting.

  1. Hopefully the gold earrings are hollow, or she will be tripping over her lobes at day’s end. Nice use of the theme, and congratulations on being a chosen one! Did you see Andy Warhol or anybody of note?

    • No Andy Warhol, but living in NYC, I have seen a ton of celebs. I couldn’t even list them all, but they include George Clooney, Cher (having dinner with Eddie Izzard!), Matt Damon, all of the Sopranos (except Gandolfini), Bill Gates, Mr. Big (Chris Noth) from SATC, most of the L&O cast (even though I have never seen a single version of any of their shows)….lots of smaller/character actors….plus the ones who live in my immediate area (Jennifer Connelley and Paul Betteney (they have since moved and their gorgeous house was bought by a Google exec), Steve Buscemi, John Turturro, and several others)….plus musicians/singers (Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Chris Martin from Coldplay (skinny!)….most of the people who have filmed in my town – Denis Leary, Nia Vardalos, Helen Hunt….ay yi yi – you can’t throw a rock without hitting someobdy famous around here…..Just random people, too – Monica Lewinsky, Charles Barkley, RuPaul (not in drag), Lindsay Lohan, Hugh Jackman, Woody Allen and his daughter (cough…I mean “wife”)….I can’t think right now, but there are many more. No Andy Warhol, though šŸ˜¦

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