If you are in Brooklyn and looking for a good place to have lunch, I know a place where the Tables have a pretty good view. I worked at one of the buildings on the left end for three years. I had an option of a bigger office with no windows, or a smaller office with a window. Of course I took the window! I could see the Statue of Liberty, watch the Staten Island Ferry come in and out and when Fleet Week was on, all of the ships would round the end of Manhattan right in front of me. 


14 thoughts on “Tables

  1. Impressive and even more so enlarged! I took the Circle Line Tour when I was there in 1989. Funny, walking down 42nd from Grand Central Station it was kind of a seedy area. Did you know about that? 😉 I could make a joke about Fleet Week, but it might get me in trouble.

    • oh, yes – I knew! Now it looks like Disneyland. I’m not saying that XXX Live Nude Girls was great, but all of the character is gone now.

      I’m all about trouble – joke away 🙂

  2. I’d take the window any day. A few years ago, I got moved from a window into the lightless, airless, soulless center of the building, and even though my job didn’t change, I no longer love it the way I did. This is a fun photo: the imposing grey geometric shapes of the buildings, the fence and the river punctuated in that one corner by color and a human form.

  3. Would love to take a lunch break here…I usually am in the parking lot eating lunch as I get a half hour only. This could really help refresh one to get thru the afternoon. Terrific cityscape!

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