Meet me on Hicks Street. Wait…what? Looks like Disorder to me!

17 thoughts on “Disorder

  1. I’ll never find you there. Let’s meet at Walk and Don’t Walk instead.

    I like the color and design element of the bridge in the lower corner. I’m usually a fan of leaving in stray lampposts and wires as they add to the realism, but I wonder what this one would look like with that lamppost in the background taken out? Nice shot under beautiful blue skies.

    • Thanks, Bill – I’ll add that to my “redo” list. I have a few photos that I want to try to either re-shoot or re-edit based on suggestions.

  2. I get lost often and this doesn’t help one bit! I like Bill’s suggestion, it would have nicer clean lines, the sign being parallel to the bridge is a fine dynamic thing.

  3. This cracked me up. Bill has a good suggestion about that pesky lamppost. But, if it weren’t there, a visitor REALLY wouldn’t know which Hicks Street to visit!

  4. In the words of Seinfeld…… how can Hicks Street intersect with itself??? That must be the nexus of the universe!!!

  5. Interesting that Hicks St is a one-way street…that means no turning back so a “hick” forever, I guess. Would make a great place to pose for a tourist photo, I think.

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